e. Though I did not care of her, I had to make enough effort for small talk to keep her happy. A bothersome companion, is what it is called, if I remember right.

”so, princess. I hate making small talk, so let me get to the point. You
e a bastard, aren you? ”

”how rude. I thought you were much more well-mannered than the rumors suggested, as your skin is an object of my envy, but alas, I was wrong, and so are you. I, Shensheng Qianzai Qingren, am the legitimate child of the current emperor, Shensheng Fei Wang. ”

”I see. ” he said quietly. ”let me give you a tour of the town as an apology, though it will have to wait for later. ” he said, seeing the bastards in his courtyard, yet again.

I walked over to the former trio, current duo, who evolved into Wu men glaring at me. The former middle and current youngest appeared to be the youngest in the Wu. He was also the one with the most sense, as he was covering behind the most Wu of the Wu.

(Wu as in five, and Wu as in warrior(s)/warrior like)

”the young master strolled into his court, only to see a Wu of Wu, threatening to kill him and his future wife! ” he declared, raising his hands.

”the young master, in fear of death and with the pride of his future wife, attacked the Wu to ensure his safety. Unfortunately, his hand was cut with the blade of one of the Wu… ” he grinned. ”the tallest Wus knife, if I remember correctly, was the one that cut me. ”

”his wife, enraged by this sudden provocation from the Wu bastards screamed like a siren and alerted the guards. ”

”what you think of that story? ” he asked the Wu and Hao.

”uh… I don get it? ” replied the dunce.

The Wu, who unfortunately grew up learning to fear Pangzi, gritted their teeth and clenched their hands.

The eldest stepped forward and took out his knife. He beat himself up and threw the knife at Pangzi, in a way he could catch it with no injury. Pangzi approached the eldest and slit his throat.

The princess who was simple looking didn dare make a sound, despite his narration.

Seeing as she was in a moment of pause, the newly ordained Wu, or rather Si, stepped forward.

He too, like the former Wu, beat himself and knocked out a few teeth. Before Pangzi raised his hand, the boy was almost dead in a pool of his own blood due to self-harm.

”the Si, going crazy from the Wus death beat himself to death and died in a blood of blood~ ” he said, stepping on the head of the now collapsed Si.

San, who was not very keen about death gave a good beating and kicking to Er, Sis cousin.

”San had always been in love with Si, who never saw his love for her. As a result, he went mad from Sis death and killed Er, Sis underground lover, in a crazed frenzy. ”

”upholding justice within the Commanders mansion, the princess of our Shensheng Diguo, Qianzai Qingrai killed San, who threatened world peace. ” he completed.

What a truly horrifying tale… haha.

9/24 remain. Five from
atural deaths and ten from accidents along the way.

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