After resting at the kitchen counter for a while, I gathered myself together and prepared to explore our new house. First, was the living room plus kitchen that I woke up in. It was quite large, capable of holding a decent kitchen, a large TV, a family sized sofa with enough spare space to run around. To the right of this room was the glass doors that allowed access to the beach which was only half a kilometer away. To the left was the rest of the house.

Walking out of the living room, was the common corridor that could lead into 3 rooms. Each room was equipped with a king sized bed, a large wardrobe, a table and a chair. The room tucked away behind the living room was the store room and a short distance away from that room was the bathroom. This large house had 2 bathrooms in total, one near the living room and one near the main entrance.

Observing the entire house, it seemed to have been built in a rectangle shape, with the living room as its main focus since it was right across from the main entrance. There was only one floor since I couldn see any stairs.

Stepping outside the house and moving towards the beach, I didn see anyone else nearby. Staring out at the vast ocean in front of me, I felt a slight twinge of loneliness.

The sand underneath my feel felt hot as I walked closer to the edge. The beach was clean, with no signs of garbage, but also no signs of life. Bending down, I scanned my eyes over the golden sand in search of a sign. Even a small one would do.

And soon I found it. Small tiny holes in the sand, just barely a centimeter wide. And several of them too.

Quickly, I formed a scoop with my hands and started digging through the sand. After a few seconds of shoveling sand out of the way, I felt a hard cold shell touch my fingers. Accurately grabbing that spot, I stood up from my crouched position to look closely at my prize.

A clam! Or at least what would probably be counted as a clam in this world. It looked almost identical to the Razor clams in my past world. And right next to this one clam was another! Scooping up these clams, I continued my hunt for them until I got at least 5 to 6.

When observing the weird egg and vegetable, their colors may certainly be a little … exotic, but they still had some similarities to items from my previous world. Like the blue vegetable with flowers. Its shape resembled the chinese cabbage, more commonly known as bok choy. Although bok choy wasn blue or had flowers. The egg… well it looked like a square egg. A square red egg. With polka dots.

Regardless, there was a high, or medium, chance that the food between these two worlds were related somehow. Maybe? Hopefully.

But even so, I don think I have the guts to eat such… peculiar food right off the bat. Luckily, the clams in this world follow at least a similar biology, and they even look quite similar.

Taking my meal back to the house, I took a basin of water and dumped the clams inside to soak. Then, while they were soaking, I opened all the cupboards and drawers not only to take stock of the inventory of this house. But to most importantly find a portable grill.

Then after setting the grill up outside, I fished the clams out from their red…colored? basin and set them outside to grill. Ignoring what I just saw, I watched the ocean waves crash against the beach sand as I grilled. What a great view. I would have been better if I was not alone though.

Ask and thy shall receive! As soon as a sigh of loneliness left my lips, out from nowhere, a tiny little girl popped out.

With white chubby arms and a twinkle in her green eyes, she announced loudly.

[Hello! Welcome to the world of Asher! I am your system, number 213! But you can call me Sazzy! ” Oh, as expected of my host! Already cooking on the first day of work!]

Without waiting for me to speak, Sazzy immediately reached out her hands to pick up one of the clams. Swiftly, she pried upon the shells with a spoon to reveal the red insides of the clam. Then, without any mental burden, she scooped out the jelly like insides into her mouth and let out a large content sigh.

Throwing the empty shell into the small bowl at the side, she reached her hand out for second helping. Then, while enjoying her second clam, she started explaining.

[This world, Asher, has reached a stage where there has been international colonization of several galaxies. Including your current race, there are a total of 47 different races. Why do I use the word race instead of species, is because decades and decades of interbreeding between the original colonizing species and close enough species that everyone has basically a colonizer as part of their family tree. This has brought about similar biological functions, such as mostly similar body functions that allow for universal health-care, as well as universal diseases. However, the good thing for us is that everyones taste, or rather what is edible, is the same for the majority. Discounting allergies of course.

What is not so good, is that the original colonizers food culture has overtaken the various minority species food cultures, leading to a largely homogenous food menu. Although most people will not see how this is a problem, homogeneity of food also reflects the homogeneity of culture. Loss of traditional food can mean loss of cultural backgrounds and identity. In the end, too much of anything will always lead to disaster, and this decrease in food choices will heavily affect those whose cultures go against those of the majority.

Although we are not part of the minority and therefore cannot reintroduce these cuisines together with their culture, especially for the races that has long since blended into the main race, what we can do is to soften the publics opinion on what is considered more
adical food ingredients and cuisines, thus allowing for more cooks from their own ethnicity to be accepted by the majority and spread more awareness of the culture behind their dishes.]

As I listened to Sazzys background information, I stared silently as she ate in between words, and soon swallowed all 6 clams deep into her stomach. Finally, after she finished her last clam, she finished her speech. Then, looking at the empty grill sadly, she looked up at me with her big round eyes pleading for more clams.

Then as we sat up and started heading to the beach, she threw the last shell into the bowl and finished off her explanation.

[Basically, we need to create new and never before seen dishes in a way that is not too far from what the majority is used to, to allow them to be more accepting of different dishes in the future. Well, this usually is very hard to do, so its not necessarily to finish this task. Just regard it as a bonus task. The most important thing is to get used to the ingredients used in this world. If you find a way to incorporate your worlds cuisine with this worlds cuisine, you would naturally create a unique dish. Even if the public doesn accept it, you still technically tried your best. After about 6 months, you will definitely be able to bring your brother back!]

As she walked, she talked. And as she bent down every now and then to dig out clams. In the end, after her talk, she already had around 4 clams in her hands and was searching for more.

”So if I need to combine my previous worlds food and this worlds food, that means there must be some similarities between them right? ”

Digging some clams of my own so that I could actually eat today, I casually asked Sazzy what I was 60% sure was true.

[Hmm? No, not at all. If the two worlds food cultures where so similar the difficulty would be much harder because then there would definitely be an ethnic group with similar cooking styles. If that was the case, it would have been easier to bind a system to them then to bind to an outsider who would have to relearn the worlds common sense, currency and general history. ]

Hearing her words, I almost dropped my clams out of shock.

[In fact, this world is quite far from your original world. The number of species that share common traits with your world should be around, lets see, 0.000001% of the available and discovered edibles. In fact, you should be able to find some of them around this island. It is the main reason I chose this planet to build this house here after all.]

Staring at her with shocked eyes, I thought to myself.

Isn this a little too unreasonable?

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