Miss Troublemaker

My doom\'s tale

Aarons Pov

Something keeps troubling me and I just can get over with it.

I replay all the events that occurred in such a short time still I am unable to draw a conclusion.

How is it possible that such a little person was not afraid of me?

As far as I know, no one has ever dared to talk back to me.

Yet out of nowhere comes Mr. Little who is not only fearless but also bold enough to resort to physical violence.

”Big brother may I dare to ask you something ”

I nod in consent

”You left Maya at the cafe and now she is complaining. What if this news gets to grandpa? After all he assigned me to keep a check on your dates and ensure that you follow the schedule and meet all 13 women and also choose one of them as your future wife. You know grandpa won stop unless you get a fiance. ”

”Deal with Maya on your own ”

”Is something bothering you? What is it brother have you fallen in love with someone or have you made a new enemy ”

”Stop sprouting nonsense ” Eric goes silent.

”Do you fear me? ”

”Uh? Why are you asking so suddenly? Its not like I terror because you are so fierce but yeah sometimes you do look deadly ”

”OK thats it you can leave ”

”But… ”

”What? ”

”This is my room ”

I look around in disbelief

Why am I acting so weird?

I get up and reach for the door.

”Are you going on your second date of the day? ”

”Excuse me ”, I give him a questioning look

”Oh, I see, you are. I was just confirming so I could give an authentic report ”, he says with a wide grin.

If he weren my brother I would definitely give him a beating.

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