Miss Troublemaker

My doom\'s tale

Olives Pov

I admit that I went overboard with my act.

Now that I have regained the peace of my mind, I definitely regret my childish actions.

The thoughts just haunt me continuously. The fact that I proved myself a lunatic in front of a stranger drives me crazy.

”Let it out already and stop contemplating! ” Lily asks me with a mocking grin.

”I believe you know it better, this isn something I can get over with ”

”How am I supposed to know why you are going insane? It isn the first time you were caught dressed as a man in the womens toilet. Why do you just keep rolling over the bed, tossing your head, strangling your hair and throwing pillows around? ”

”That what is it exactly. I have never been stuck in a toilet with a man before ”

”What! ” her shrieking voice echoes around the living room.

”What do you mean? What guy? You didn mention him when you came home. Hurry now stop messing with me and come straight to the point, her expressions were brimmed with curiosity.

”Lily ”, I say when she flops on the sofa in front of me, bringing a pillow to her chest, hands under her chin, showing her interest to listen to my dooms story.

”It is your fault ”. Thats all I say to her which gives her a fit of tantrum. ”Do you need a drum roll? ”

Her earnest expressions are gone when she nods her head at the sudden accusation.

”You need coffee ”, she says while treading to the kitchen island. She begins to toss stuff around to find the ingredients. ”You are dreaming. You will wake up in no time then tell me your story ” she says in an intimidating tone.

Looks like I am a slave.

”I bet you don know the feeling of proving yourself a lunatic ”I speak out all of a sudden.

”Uh? As far as I know, you normally say sorry for the misunderstanding, take off your wig apologize again and walk out with your chin high. ”

”Well I was far from being sensible this time ”

”Drop it already, get to the point ”Lily smashes the spoon on the counter ” just tell me what you did ”

I wipe off a tear that came out of nowhere. Why am I being so emotional? Its not like I will ever meet him again. I clear my throat and begin to narrate my sad tale.

”Given the astounding fact that I was extremely short of time, I did everything in a hurry. From reaching the cafe to changing into the uniform I didn even stop to take a deep breath.

In all that haste I accidentally bumped into a handsome man and didn bother to apologize. I truly believe that he brought me bad luck because after that not only things went out of my control I also ended up ruining his date as well.

Although I was able to safely escape the spot, he followed me into the restroom.

I was wild enough to shove him into a stall, stomp on his toe and cover his mouth with all the strength of my hand just to keep him from speaking.

I even made a stupid pinky promise with him.

Then I ran out of the stall shouting and laughing in an evil and crazy way.

When I was dragged outside and beaten up, instead of apologizing and clearing the misunderstanding, I kept laughing like crazy till I saw him leave.

I can believe I am so bad at making friends yet I make enemies so easily no matter where I go.

He must believe I am crazy ”

I smash my face in the pillow. I am truly embarrassed.

When I lift my head, I see lily standing still like a mannequin.

The moment our eyes meet she bursts out laughing.

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