Miss Troublemaker

Chapter 3: I am trailed

Aarons Pov

”Big brother youve got to deal with this problem on your own, it is something I can help you with. ” Eric complained on the phone.

”Think again ”, I reply curtly.

”No, no, no. Do you want me to get killed at the hands of grandpa? ”Eric said while nodding his head in disapproval.

I truly feel helpless at this moment and seeing there is no hope, I end my video call with Eric.

Frankly, sometimes I believe my grandfather feels at ease by putting unnecessary burden on my shoulders. My parents don even bother about my love life, yet my grandfather keeps on meddling.

”Mr. Han ”, I call out for my assistant, ”how long will it take to reach our required destination? ”

”It is going to take another ten minutes sir ”.

”Hmm ”, as far as I can remember we do not have a reservation in any high end restaurant.

”Mr. Han what is the name of the place we are visiting? ”

Mr. Han gave me a look as if he doesn believe that I can also forget something. After all I am a human too.

”Its called Love Cafe and is a famous hub where people find their true love. It is quite popular among the locals. ”

”Ah ”, now I know why grandpa chose this place. Mr. Chairman must have thought I would actually end up marrying a complete stranger.

There is no space for love in my life.

Over the years I have seen so many girls praising, loving and cheering for me. They claim to be my fans. But will they stand the test of time and be by my side through the thick and thins? Or are they only attracted to my wealth and status?

”We will be there shortly, sir ”

Hmm I think I should do a little research before seeing my date. After all, she is also sparing time for me from here schedule.

I stare at my phones screen. There is a picture of a girl below which the details are ”Maya Hiller, 28 years old, fashion designer at the New Era Enterprises… ”

”We are here sir ”.

”OK ”. I step out of the car. In front of me there stretches a welcoming board. The display is decorated with hot pink flowers and love signs. Man they truly have to level up their outlook. I hope the inside is better.

As I walk a few steps into the cafe someone bumps into me. Judging by his appearance he is a waiter, but how a man can be so little, having a small innocent face along with tiny hands and little legs. Overall, he is kind of cute.

He looks at me squarely in the eye. I clear my throat expecting an apology for being attacked like this but I am only disappointed by silence.

This man seems to be focusing on something more particularly someone as he shifts his gaze instantly off me. ”Can you… ”I don even get to finish my sentence; he ignores me perfectly and carries a tray in the other direction.

Uh? There is nothing I can do when it comes to these kinds of people. Unknowingly, he is getting on my nerves.

For a moment I was taken aback by such customer service but then my eye catches the fishy part. Waiter is just a disguise for him. He is definitely here with an ulterior motive as he skillfully loosens the coffee cups lid and removes its sleeve. Guess I won be bored today.

A smirk stretches across my face and at the same time I catch a glimpse of Maya. She is seated where Mr. Little is headed. Am I going to get burned?

I put on a serene expression and walk towards Maya.

Luckily Mr. little is serving at the table ahead of us.

It is not a moment after I get seated that Maya starts to let her emotions run wild ”oh my, I can believe I am sitting across Aaron Blackford. The king of tycoons, the billionaire… ”

I keep nodding my head showing as if I am really paying attention, but in reality my attention just drifts back to Mr. little.

”Splash ” he really was successful in ruining a strangers date.

People around gasp and show concern, while Mr. little puts on a show. It is really amusing and I try to suppress my laughter.

”Mr. Blackford. Are you listening? ”Maya complains with a confused expression.

”Um sorry I was a little distracted ”

Before she could say anything else I get straight to the point ”Miss I am obliged that you spared time for me but let me make it clear.. ” my sentence is cut short as Mr. little keeps nagging with his loud apologies and lunges at the victim, displaying all aspects of an assault.

Honestly speaking at this moment Mr. little feels to be a girl. The way he is screaming on top of his lungs and shamelessly throwing a tantrum.

I pretend to be really angry and try to look as intimidating as possible ”lets just get down to business I say in a grave tone.

I am all ears ”, replies Maya looking all nervous and a little scared.

”I am not … ”

This time my eyes catch Mr. little.

Oh this troublemaker is now all scared and has turned his head around trying so hard to get out of the grip of the man next to him.

Ugh! this man is really so good at getting on my nerves.

I decide to come into action and activate my defensive mode.

With a loud bang on the table I stand up and walk towards their table.

”Mister I hope u can calm down and end this physical violence ”.

Mr. little considers it as a blessing, gets out of his grip, scurries and hides behind my back. What a pussy. Deep inside I find it all pleasing but still keep a tranquil expression on my face.

”This waiter has spoiled my suite, keeps attacking me and you are asking me to calm down? ”

”Mister do you not care about the woman who is sitting right across you? She is all worried and waiting for it to end. All you care about is your suite? ”

”Yeah he doesn ”, Mr. little interrupts, ” hes a playboy ”.

Now Little is opening up.

”Of course I have to meet up with another girl. How can I not be upset ”. Slip of tongue and Little proves to be wise and on the right path.

Mr. Victim is abandoned by his girlfriend. He thrusts toward Little with a fist but I block his path.

”Ill deal with him later ”, he says it at my face and leaves pushing a chair to the ground.

People around us keep staring. At another table a girl stands up and says to man sitting across her ”Are you playing with me as well? The man is absolutely dumbfounded by the sudden question and does not utter a single word. ”I got my answer ” that girl smacks her bag on his face and leaves. By the time the man comes to his senses, his girlfriend is already gone. He just tails behind asking for a chance of forgiveness.

Whoa! So is this the love cafe where couples are made or the place where people breakup?

Behind me Little tries to slip away.

I can let him leave without settling our previous scores and gratitude for the current help.

So I follow him.

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