Miss Troublemaker

Hope this plan works.

Aarons Pov

I can believe I am stuck in a lavatory with a lunatic.

At this moment this troublemaker is facing the corner, definitely contemplating his actions.I am interested in the fact how long is Little going to pretend to be innocent? He was even vicious enough to harm me.

I poke my finger in his shoulder.

”What does he think of himself? Can he just ignore me? Who does he take me for? ”Maya keeps venting her anger.

More people also step inside.

”Do you have a lipstick? ”/ ”Will you step aside I want to touch up on my makeup? ”

Little turns around; it is kind of difficult to interpret his expressions.

In a low whisper he says, ”I will get you out of here but first promise me one thing ”

”Go ahead ”

”The moment you get out of here you will forget all about me. Lets make it fair. You helped me so I will help you as well ”

”Is that the only thing? ”

”I know you are complaining about when I bumped into you. I didn do it on purpose and I was hurt too, so don expect me to apologize ”

This man sure has a nerve to talk big.

”OK ”

”Pinky promise ”, he says while holding out his finger.

”What? How old are you like, two? ”

I arch my eyebrow questioning his frankness.

”Do you wish to stay here forever? ” he retorts.

I let out a deep sigh ”Fine ”; I make a pinky promise and seal it with my thumb.

A wide grin stretches across his face. I definitely came across a fool.

”You only have ten seconds at hand ”, I challenge him.

”Not a problem for me ”, he smirks and swings the door open.

”Hey ladies ”, he shouts loudly at them, ”Will you mind reporting the fact that a man accidentally entered the womens toilet? ”And then he gives out a wicked evil laughter.

I am taken aback.

Girls start screaming, get a hold of Little and drag him outside.

Is it even called a plan?

I find the coast clear and succeed in getting out of the restroom.

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