Olives Pov

My target, James Hunt, is seated at the last table by the window. Whoa, Lily surely had genuine information regarding his visit to the cafe for a date.

Sometimes I find it difficult to stand my best friend treating me like an errand person. Although I am currently unemployed, I do have a sense of integrity and some goals when it comes to getting paid for horrendous tasks.

Lily should have at least given me a heads up before sending me on a mission so suddenly. All that popped up on my screen was ”Spill some sense into this cheater, preferably some hot coffee. Reach Love Cafe today at 4 pm. The guys name: James Hunt. It is like you are doing me a favor for 200 bucks. ”Next popped up a picture, obviously of James.

Consider receiving this sort of message at 3:30 pm, having only 30 minutes to devise a plan and reach a place 2 miles away from you.

If I weren badly short on money and indebted to lily and various other people, I would deny this absurd job. But owing to my skills, I felt confident and replied ”Make it 300 dollars ”.

Now that I am standing in the cafe and my target is only a few steps away from me, I truly regret being over confident.

Its no use crying over spilled milk. I only have one chance to carry out my task and prove my worth. I blow out my nervousness and get a hold of myself. I can surely do something this trivial. It is quite simple : I walk up to that man, who is definitely having a great time with his date after dumping his girlfriend(apparently the lady who paid Lily to hire someone to mar James happy moments), and pour out the contents of his coffee onto him. Well now I can surely say this picture of my plan needs a few improvisations.

I have to make sure I keep my emotions aside so that I don end blowing up my own cover. I remind myself that at the present moment I am disguised as a man and currently wearing the uniform of a waiter.

The possibility of me getting caught by the management still lingers in the air because Lily didn properly replace me with someone else. Her connections did let me get a uniform, so practically I look like an employee but no one knows my intentions. Therefore I cannot spend a lot of time to give an astounding performance.

I only take a few steps towards James when a man bumps into me. He is tall and handsome, his masculine stature adds to his dominating aura. Brown locks of hair shadow his deep blue eyes. He seems to be the epitome of elegance and good taste. His stoic expression tells as if he is devoid of feelings. Anyway I can linger around here for long so I ignore the fact that he is clearing his throat in the wake of an apology and simply pick up the tray of drinks and head towards my target.

Before reaching his table, I proficiently loosen the cap of James coffee mug and remove the coffee sleeves.

”As I was telling you ”, James stops talking when I intercept and greet them with a warm smile. The look of this man tempts me to go wild yet I hold my innocent contented expression.

The lady sitting across him is pretty and quite elegant. For a moment I really feel bad for her, she doesn deserve such a cheater to be a part of her life. Again my emotions are meddling.

I do my best in looking presentable while setting their drinks on the table even though his burnt my fingers. As expected, James is so lost in talking to his new toy that he doesn notice anything wrong with the coffee cup, acts like a cool guy and lifts the unbearably hot cup of coffee.

In a quick swirl of time ”splash ” his coffee drains all over him, staining his white shirt a weird brown. Gasps fill the air around us and there I go again with my awesome acting skills ”Oh no, oh my ”, I fake concern and continue, ”Sir its a disaster. Please be careful. Are you hurt? Does it sting? ”

The girl across him gets shocked too and stands to lend a helping hand but I refuse to let this moment go away and spread my body to obstruct her path.

It must have been quite a shock for James as his expressions are a mixture of pain and confusion and in all this time all he can utter is ” I am fine, please let go. I don want to be bothered ”

Uh? What nonsense! Is he supposed to react to an assault like this?

This is definitely a debacle of my plan A. So automatically plan B comes in action.

”No sir! How can I just leave you in a mess ”. Before he can resist any further I lunge at him. To appear more natural I grab a handful of tissues and start rubbing them violently on his shirt feigning my apologies and deep concern. All this is clearly an attack still I don stop.

Maybe I scared him or he was simply annoyed because he grabs my wrist. Come on, I can believe he dates so many people yet has no sense of social respect. Even though I am disguised as a guy, he can just vent his anger by getting hold of my wrist like this in public.

”Wait a minute ”, he says as he squint his eyes and stares at my face, ”Do I know you ”. I quickly turn my face around and get off of him, ”Of course not ”, I try to escape his firm grip but he doesn let go of me.

Every aspect of my plan is in a downfall and now I am in danger no thanks to my dear best friend. Of all the things in this world, she had to come up with such a task.

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