Miss Troublemaker

Is it even called a plan?

Olives Pov

Just like every cloud has a silver lining, I find help in a hopeless situation. The man whom I bumped into comes to my rescue.

I set my hand free in a whip of motion, and hide behind him. James continues to glare at me and tries to vent his anger but I am protected by a human armor.

I look around and people are staring at us while some are busy capturing this moment on their phones. This is converting into a real mess; therefore, I can stay here for long.

I tiptoe and evade the scene. After grabbing my things I hurry towards the restroom.

”Phew! I made it out of a mess ” I happily admit and sigh while washing myself up.

The moment I see myself in the mirror I let out a wild scream.

Standing behind me is a tall guy. No he is the one I bumped into, to whom I didn apologize, who saved me yet I didn even thank him.

Did he follow me all the way here just to seek revenge?

”What are you doing in here? ” I fire a question at him. He looks around all confused. He is startled by the sudden blame. ”This is what I should be asking you. Isn it the womens restroom? I just didn want to lose you so I just followed you. Who knew you were a pervert ”.

I look down at myself and realize I am still a man in the eyes of the world.

Gosh I am still entangled in doom. I retaliate ”Are you blind? You could have stopped me from making such a mistake. You also just barged in. ”

I give myself a break, think a little, look around luckily we are alone. Then start blabbering again ”And yes you think I am a pervert? Are you crazy? Consider me your lucky penny that no one is in here or you would be getting a beating by now, such a grown man sneaking into the womens restroom ”.

I stamp my foot pretending to be all annoyed.

I peep outside the door. Ugh, the woman sitting across him was walking towards us.

I quickly turn back inside and start pushing him into the last stall.

”What? ”

”The woman you were with is coming. Quick hide ”

”Is Maya coming? I forgot all about her ”

I act rashly. Push him inside, almost knocking him over, fit myself in and lock the door.

The moment he steadies himself and straightens up I realize how small the space is for me to accommodate with a huge muscular man.

He lowers his voice and looks at me in the eye ”You better get me out of here. We still have to settle some scores ”

The door swings open the sound of footsteps becomes clear.

He is about to say something else when I wedge my heel on his toe and cover his mouth tightly to prevent him from screaming.

He glowers in disgust or maybe pain.

Under his focus, and stuck in this cubicle with the possibility of getting caught by people, I am suddenly less confident in my former decisions.

A shiver rushes through me when I get the flashbacks of my stubborn behavior.

All I manage to do is get off him and face in the other direction.

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