Miss Troublemaker

My doom\'s tale


”Uh? As far as I know, you normally say sorry for the misunderstanding, take off your wig apologize again and walk out with your chin high. ”

”Well I was far from being sensible this time ”

”Drop it already, get to the point ”Lily smashes the spoon on the counter ” just tell me what you did ”

I wipe off a tear that came out of nowhere. Why am I being so emotional? Its not like I will ever meet him again. I clear my throat and begin to narrate my sad tale.

”Given the astounding fact that I was extremely short of time, I did everything in a hurry. From reaching the cafe to changing into the uniform I didn even stop to take a deep breath.

In all that haste I accidentally bumped into a handsome man and didn bother to apologize. I truly believe that he brought me bad luck because after that not only things went out of my control I also ended up ruining his date as well.

Although I was able to safely escape the spot, he followed me into the restroom.

I was wild enough to shove him into a stall, stomp on his toe and cover his mouth with all the strength of my hand just to keep him from speaking.

I even made a stupid pinky promise with him.

Then I ran out of the stall shouting and laughing in an evil and crazy way.

When I was dragged outside and beaten up, instead of apologizing and clearing the misunderstanding, I kept laughing like crazy till I saw him leave.

I can believe I am so bad at making friends yet I make enemies so easily no matter where I go.

He must believe I am crazy ”

I smash my face in the pillow. I am truly embarrassed.

When I lift my head, I see lily standing still like a mannequin.

The moment our eyes meet she bursts out laughing.

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