Feng Yongrui is feeling down. His head is blank and his eyes stare emptily at the vast expanse of emptiness around him. Feng Yongrui wants to curse, but for some reason he can think of the perfect word to say in this situation.

Didn he… die? What happened to him? As far as he knows, after death, he will arrive in a dark tunnel, see the light at the end of it, and probably arrive in King Yamas palace.

He has been looking forward to seeing a grand, majestic palace or a gloomy river with spirits and ghosts wandering around. Why is everything white and empty?

”Oh, could I be in heaven? ” He mused. ”But heaven shouldn be boring like this, right? White, empty, no books, no webnovels, no internet and no phone… ” Feng Yongruis eyebrows curl into a frown.

”Don tell me Im in hell?! ” Feng Yongrui yelled. ”No way… even if this is hell, isn this too… mundane? Hell should be fiery hot, filled with our worst fears, dark, cruel, filled with endless torture… ”

Feng Yongrui could only frown even deeper. Maybe… he didn actually die? And maybe this was just a dream?

”Hello? King Yama? Anyone? Is this a dream? ” Feng Yongrui started to lose his patience.

”If you don come out, Ill beat you up until your mother can recognize you! ”

”Beep… Beep… ” A mechanical voice, similar to the sound of an alarm clock, rang in his ears.

”Welcome to the System~ This System is not King Yama, please do not call the system with an unidentified, strangers name. ”

Feng Yongrui: ?

”Thank you~ ”

Feng Yongrui: ??

”Hey… just what is this? Don tell me you
e a system? Like the ones in webnovels? ” Feng Yongrui didn know what his expression was like at the moment.

His emotions were jumbled up like a salad, a mixture of confusion, helplessness, slight anger and also… a little bit of joy?

Back on earth, Feng Yongrui loved to read webnovels, and so he naturally knew that quick transmigration, reincarnation, and time travel were extremely popular genres.

One of the most common features of transmigration was a ”system ”.

There are many kinds of systems, and as an avid webnovel reader, Feng Yongrui was confident that he knew all about systems. There were good systems, bad (useless) systems, and systems with certain goals.

For example, a system that binds with a host that has to counterattack the female lead, or a system that makes the host a capable master (training his/her disciples and reaching the pinnacle of the cultivation world).

There were even systems that made the host farm or tame pets.

No matter what it was, wouldn it be awesome to get a system? Would he get benefits? Would he be able to shop in the ”system mall ”?

Or would he and the system get along as friends? Oh, theres a lucky draw too, right?

A system is equal to a golden finger! And gold is the best!

Feng Yongruis thoughts were flying everywhere that he was momentarily in a daze. It was only when the System spoke that he broke out of his fantasy dream.

”Host, welcome to the System~ ” The mechanical voice sounded again, the voice was cold and mechanical.

”Yes, yes, hello, ” Feng Yongrui smiled awkwardly and rubbed his hands together.

Oh wait, he didn have hands.

”Where are my hands…? Huh? ” Feng Yongrui looked down and realized that he was a ghost. He did have hands and a body, but, everything was transparent.

Feng Yongrui felt that he was really slow. How could he just realize this now?

Hm, he could overlook that. Wouldn the System help him get his real body back or something?

”The System has judged that the Host is perfectly capable of executing all the twisted, terrific, tremendous tasks that are about to be issued. The System is willing to generously help the Host conquer the worlds and fulfill the fantastic but futile dream of being number one. The System – ”

”Wait, wait, ” Feng Yongruis eyebrows scrunched up again and he frowned.

”Can you speak normally, System? All those fancy words and useless, flowery stuff. Can you just get to the point? ” Feng Yongruis voice was laced with a little bit of pleading.

The System was quiet for a while, before a small ”Hmph! ” was heard. However, the voice was small and cute, like a young child throwing a tantrum and trying to intimidate people, but instead sounding cute and spoiled.

”This System does not use flowery words! This System has earned a Certificate in Literature and therefore, this System will often use alliteration and repetition to make the sentences sound more beautiful! ” The Systems angry voice rang in his head.

This time, the voice was soft and crisp, like a childs. The cold and aloof voice from before was gone.

”Hey, first, you should stop speaking in third person, alright? Its kind of difficult to understand… ”

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