My System Is Unreliable, What To Do?

Money, Money, Money (Arc 1)

It took some time for Feng Yongrui to adjust to his new body and use cultivation methods, but within a few hours, Feng Yongrui was able to use several skills and flew to his own home.

The original Feng Yongrui was a neat person, and everything in his house was shining and spotless. Admiring the delicate carvings on the walls, Feng Yongrui sat on a bed and looked around somewhat aimlessly.

Everything here was pretty expensive and Feng Yongrui had the feeling of going inside a movie and seeing real-life props.

”Host, please control your expression so as not to look like a country bumpkin, ” the System reminded.

Feng Yongrui rolled his eyes. System, this is a rare opportunity, okay?

After looking left and right until he was satisfied, Feng Yongrui laid on the bed while thinking about his future plans.

He would do his tasks well so that he can get 100 points, then he can see what rewards the system can give him.

But first, he had to
urture the protagonist. Feng Yongrui thought of how to do so…

Should he spoil the child? No, it was better to be strict but kind.

Should he teach him cultivation methods? Well, maybe, but the protagonist will probably progress in leaps and bounds even without his guidance.

Feng Yongruis mind kept turning, and soon, he fell asleep on the bed. He was tired — he had just died, gotten a system, and now he had to become the protagonists master — how couldn he be tired.

Night turned into day, and the sun rose into the sky. Birds chirped in the air and golden sunlight poured through Feng Yongruis bedroom window.

”Host, please wake up. The Entrance Ceremony will begin in a few hours. ”

Feng Yongrui twisted his body and dug into his pillow. Who was disturbing his sleep?

”Host, wake up. ” The System was impatient.

Feng Yongrui groaned but took no heed.

”Host, if you do not wake up within 5 seconds, the System will deduct your points. ” The System huffed angrily.

”Ah?! ” Feng Yongruis eyes flew open and he sat up on the bed.

”Tsk, you
e really a bad system, you know? ” Feng Yongrui grumbled under his breath before standing up and tidying up his appearance.

Today was the Entrance Ceremony, where he would be meeting the protagonist, Ma Bo, for the first time. Since he was going to meet the protagonist and become his master, Feng Yongrui wanted to leave a good impression on his disciple-to-be.

Feng Yongrui did not waste any more time and went down from his mountain. He flew to the Main Hall, where the newly accepted disciples would gather.

Those who were lucky would catch the eye of an elder and be accepted as an inner disciple.

Others would become outer disciples, in charge of doing menial tasks and receiving little to no guidance from the sect elders.

Feng Yongruis purpose was to accept the protagonist as his first, inner disciple. That way, he can get closer to the protagonist and teach him.

To be honest, Feng Yongrui was nervous and his palms were sweating.

The protagonist was such an awesome existence! What if another elder wanted to take the protagonist as his or her disciple?! Did Feng Yongrui have to fight to get the protagonist?

Why did it give him a ”concubine striving for favor ” kind of vibe?

Feng Yongrui first greeted the other elders before seating himself on the last seat — he was the youngest elder here with no real power, so his status was no higher than the other elders.

Most of the elders were old, with long beards and grey hair, and Feng Yongrui instantly felt like a fresh flower amongst old grass (a young person amongst elders).

Feng Yongrui swept his eyes over the group of newly accepted disciples, who were discussing and chatting to pass the time.

The Immortal Pathway Sect was one of the largest sects in the world, and naturally many people wanted to enter this prestigious sect.

Anyone could enroll for the sect, but everyone would undergo several tests. Those who passed would be accepted as a disciple, and the thousands who failed had to go home.

Here, status was meaningless — the strong was respected even if they were from humble origins.

Feng Yongrui quite liked this setup — nepotism and favoritism would only bring ruin to the sect. Naturally, those who are talented would be considered more important. Though, without hard work, talent would be nothing.

Feng Yongrui was lazily looking at the platform below when he noticed two scrawny boys huddled up in a corner. Unlike the other disciples who were chatting happily, the two of them were isolated from everyone else.

Both of them had dirty, mangled black hair and thin, malnourished bodies. They were so thin that Feng Yongrui was sure that if they took off their robes, he could see the outline of their ribs.

One boy was taller than the other, with deep obsidian eyes and cold features, while the shorter one had crimson red eyes that seemed to pierce the soul.

”System… ” Feng Yongrui had just started when the System started screaming.

”Thats him! Thats the protagonist! ” The Systems mechanical voice was so loud that Feng Yongrui winced.

”Host, this System has just remembered… The villain is the protagonists childhood friend. The one with red eyes is the protagonist, and the villain should be the one with the black eyes. Yes, yes, this System remembers it correctly! ” The System yelled.

Feng Yongrui frowned and complained in his head to the System. ”Hey, are you sure you remember it correctly? You said you lost the information about this world… How do you know this? ”

”Before I lost the information, I skimmed through it several times, ” The Systems voice was tinged with so much excitement that it forgot to speak in third person.

”Host, I am definitely, definitely, 100% sure about this! You shouldn doubt me! ”

”Alright, ” Feng Yongruis lips curled into a grin. Since he knew the identity of the protagonist and the villain, shouldn his task be easy?

First, take the protagonist in as his disciple and teach him well. As for the villain… How about taking him in as his disciple too? Friendship is tested over time.

To make the protagonist and the villain best friends, shouldn he make them like each other and foster good feelings between them?

And what better way than to make them both his disciples? If any conflicts arose between them, he would nip it in the bud!

If anyone dared to sow discord between his two disciples, he would personally send that person to hell!

It was that simple!

Feng Yongrui wanted to applaud himself for his amazing intelligence, but he decided against it. The System was too mean — if Feng Yongrui started feeling good about himself, the System would definitely break his confidence and find faults with him!

Because he was in a good mood, Feng Yongruis lips kept rising and curling into a smile. Even when the Sect Master dawdled through his (boring) speech, Feng Yongrui could still maintain his good mood.

A few minutes passed and soon, it was time for the sect elders to pick any outstanding or talented disciples to become their inner disciples. Feng Yongrui watched nervously as one elder after another chose their favorites.

Once, a dispute broke out between two elders, both wanting to take a young girl as their inner disciple. The young girl apparently had a unique ice spirit-root, perfect for cultivation.

Both elders were adamant, but after a lengthy discussion and some mediation from the Sect Master, the two compromised and the issue was settled.

Meanwhile, Feng Yongrui was relieved that none of the elders were interested in the protagonist or the villain. Several more minutes passed before it was Feng Yongruis turn to choose his disciples.

Feng Yongrui did not know how the previous owner usually conversed with the other elders and he was afraid of making mistakes, so Feng Yongrui simply pointed at the two young boys and said, ”Ill take those two as my disciples. ”

Silence enveloped the area and everyone stared at Feng Yongrui as if lightning had struck him. Even the two boys in question, Ma Bo and the villain, looked up in confusion.

Feng Yongrui: ??

Did he say something wrong?

”Ahem, Yongrui, ” The Sect Master coughed as if embarrassed, ”Are you sure about this? Those two children… they only have the most common spirit roots and mediocre talent… Why don you choose someone else? ”

With his words, other participants looked at Feng Yongrui eagerly. Feng Yongrui was handsome and he was the youngest elder in the Immortal Pathway Sect to reach the Nascent Soul Stage.

Not only that, Feng Yongrui currently did not have any disciples. This meant that the first disciple he took would be his senior disciple, who would most probably be his successor.

As such, who wouldn want to be Feng Yongruis disciple?

Feng Yongrui winced at the amount of attention he was getting. Being stared at by countless people made him uncomfortable, but he was also complaining in his heart.

Whats wrong with his decision? Being the protagonists teacher is a great opportunity, okay?! If he needed to hold on to the protagonists thigh in the future, it would be no problem!

As such, Feng Yongrui thanked the Sect Master for his kind offer but insisted on taking those two as his disciples. Seeing that Feng Yongrui had made up his mind, the Sect Master could only sigh and agree.

Feng Yongrui was overjoyed. One step closer to completing the task! Lets go!


Feng Yongrui: Im one step closer to completing this task!

System: Host, the progress of the task completion is not even 1%…


What do you hate the most in the morning?

a) The alarm clock that yells in your ear

b) Knowing you have to go through another day

c) A certain system threatening to deduct your few points

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