Misery And Encounter

1. My first language is Indonesian, my second is Javanese, my third is Chinese, my fourth is English. If you expect perfect grammar, you don need to read my novels. Because I translated my novels using google translate, and for grammar I only use grammarly.

2. #Harem #Beast-harem #Romance #Incest #Action #Adventure #R-18 #System #Multiple-world #Multiple-race #Gentle-but-cruel-both-MC-FMC #Weaktostrong #Myth #Slave

3. MC character? Chen Li is very smart, adaptability is very high, not dense, gentle towards those closest to him! He will be very ruthless, vicious, cold-blooded, psychotic towards his enemies!

4. Harem size? To be honest, I haven thought about the number of his harem in the future.

5. No Netorare and Netorase, but there are many Netori.

6. Incest? There are two women.

7. R***? Perhaps, I haven decided on this yet. But one things for sure, my MC won do this kind of thing to good women.

8. Clone? Of course, there are clones but no clone sex with harems.

9. Brainwashing? MC will only do it to people who are truly evil.

10. Slave? Chen Li would have several female slaves, but he would also not hesitate to kill women.

11. Free Sex? Chen Li will have many non-harem women, cultivation furnaces, and dual cultivation partners.

12. Plot? The plot will be a bit slow in Volume 1, but Ill turn up the plot in Volume 2.

13. Update? Ill tell you honestly, this novel update won be as fast as my other novels. Perhaps, I will only update this novel one chapter per 2-3 days.

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