In the middle of the forest


A young man was slammed into a big tree with a lot of force. His body, which was covered in blood and wounds, dropped weakly to the ground, and he instantly vomited out a lot of blood. ”Cough… Cough… ”

He could only glare hatefully at the four young men in front of him. Unfortunately, he couldn do anything to avenge their actions because they had superpowers, whereas he was just a weak man without any superpowers, and his body had also been very fragile since he was born.

”Im really scared to see your glaring eyes. ” A young man with short red hair pretended to be scared, then crouched down in front of the young man, both of his hands already engulfed in red flames. ”I don like those eyes of yours. ”

”Argh! ” The young man screamed in pain as soon as the red-haired young man touched his eyes with his fiery hands.

A few moments later, a young blond man said to stop the young man with short red hair. ”Enough! Hes already dying; Im sure he won be able to survive if we leave him in this forest. ”

”I don know what Feng Xianer saw in this damn man; she keeps rejecting me just because of him. ” A young man with shoulder-length green hair grumbled in annoyance, then he waved his hand and several tree branches directly attacked the young man, who was already dying, and his body was sent flying backward quite a distance.

And the fourth man, with spiky purple hair, chuckled before patting his green-haired friend on the shoulder and saying. ”He will die soon enough, then there will be no more people standing in your way of getting Feng Xianer as your woman. ”

”Lets go back; we don have to care about dying trash like him anymore. ” The blonde man said as he turned to leave; the other three men exchanged glances before following him.

The young man who was already dying tried to move by dragging his body onto the ground. The blood that kept flowing out of his body made him weaker and weaker, and gradually his consciousness began to fade.

If I survive today, I will definitely make the four of you and your families suffer. The young man inwardly swore with vengeance, as he continued to drag his body on the ground.

But suddenly his body was enveloped by a bright white light, and he disappeared from the forest. Since his eyes are now blind, he didn realize that he had moved to a strange place filled with plants that are different from the plants in his world and also strange little creatures.

Mom… Xianer… It looks like Ill be leaving you guys first. After muttering that, the young man immediately lost consciousness.


In another area not too far from where the young man was, there was an old man who looked like a soul accompanied by a girl with long red hair, from her appearance, the girl looked to be around seventeen years old, and they seemed to be meditating so peacefully.

”Hmm? ” Suddenly, the old man who was meditating opened his eyes and stared at the location of the young man, before standing up with a frown. ”Someone sneaked into this place. ”

”Huh? How could someone sneak into this place? ” The long red-haired girl asked in disbelief, then her eyes also looked at the mans gaze, and she immediately used her divine senses in that direction. Before long, her expression looked so surprised. ”How is this possible? How could a mortal without cultivation sneak into this place? With sisters Konger and Shijians power and abilities, it shouldn be possible for anyone to sneak into this place, let alone a mortal like him. ”

”Thats true, Xiao Konger and Xiao Shijians powers and abilities are too extraordinary. ” The old man nodded in agreement. ”Anyway, we should check the young mans condition first; it looks like hes almost dead. ”

”Alright, Master. ”

Then the two of them flew towards the location of the young man, and in just a few seconds they had arrived at his location. The long red haired girl immediately let out a low cry, as she pointed her index finger at the unconscious young man, and the blood was still flowing from his body. ”Hes over there, Master. ”

They then landed on the young mans side, and the old man immediately crouched down to check on the young mans condition, and suddenly a happy smile graced his face.

”Hes really close to death, huh. ” He sat the young man down, and he then took out a golden pill from his storage ring and directly put it in the young mans mouth. He then put his palm directly on the young mans back and started channeling his Qi into the young mans body to help him dissolve and absorb the pill.

”Hey Master! Why did you give that Rank-9 Life Extension Pill to a mortal like him? Isn that a waste? ” The long red-haired girl asked in disbelief, because the Rank-9 pill was the only one left, and it was supposed to be used by the old man himself, but now he gave it to the young man who is close to death instead.

”Ha Ha Ha! ” The old man laughed out loud at that, then looked at the red-haired girl with a joyful smile. ”Who said it was a waste? This young man is truly extraordinary, Xiao Huoli! Ive decided to take him as my sole successor. ”

”Huh!? ” Xiao Huoli looked at her master in disbelief as she kept on blinking. She was surprised and shocked by her masters words. ”Are you joking with me, Master? Do you really want to take this mortal as your sole successor?

”Yes, Xiao Huoli! He is the person I have been waiting for for a thousand years! ” The old man replied with a smile full of happiness, and he continued to channel his Qi into the young mans body. Gradually, the young mans face began to improve; now he no longer looks deathly pale like before, and the bleeding on his body has also stopped.

– To Be Continued –

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