”Finally awake? ” Xiao Huoli asked as she walked into the bamboo house with a bowl of soup in her hand. Then she sat beside the young man, lifted his head slightly, and helped him drink the soup. ”Drink this soup, it can help restore your body. ”

The young man didn ask anything, and he immediately drank the soup as he himself felt really thirsty after waking up from a long coma. And after finishing the soup, he directly asked Xiao Huoli. ”Where am I? And who are you? ”

”My name is Xiao Huoli, and you are now in the Tianyi Realm. ” She replied as she placed the soup bowl on the bedside table. ”Im sorry for your eyes, but for now I haven found a way to cure them. ”

”Its okay; maybe this is my fate, but I feel grateful that Im still alive. ” The young man replied with a faint smile; although he tried to be strong, in his heart he was lamenting his blind eyes. ”Anyway, my name is Chen Li, and thank you for saving me, Sister Huoli. ”

Xiao Huoli replied sadly. ”It wasn me who saved you; it was my Master who saved you, but right now he is no longer in this world. However, before he left this world, he already chose you as his sole successor, and he has already passed his inheritance on to you. ”

”Your Masters successor? Your Masters inheritance? ” Chen Li asked in confusion.

Xiao Huoli sighed softly, then she explained. ”My master is Song Tianyi. He is a cultivator, and his nickname is Immortal Spirit Song, which is because he is the only cultivator who can establish a contract with us spirit races. And now, you are his only successor, so I hope you won let him down. ”

Chen Li was flabbergasted by Xiao Huolis words; he couldn believe what he just heard, so he asked in disbelief. ”So Im a cultivator now? But aren those cultivators just fictional stories in novels? ”

”We cultivators are real, Chen Li. ” Xiao Huoli replied with a low sigh, as she herself already knew that his home world had no cultivators, so she was no longer surprised if he thought that cultivators were not real. ”And to answer your question, you are not yet a cultivator, because you haven absorbed the Qi into your body. ”

”I see ” Chen Li nodded in understanding, more or less he could understand Xiao Huolis words. In the past, he liked reading Xianxia novels and the like. ”Anyway, how long have I been in this place, Sister Huoli? I feel that Ive been unconscious for a very long time. ”

Xiao Huoli said with a nod. ”En, you have been unconscious for a very long time, six months to be exact. But don worry, because the flow of time in this place is faster than your world, ten days in this place are equivalent to one day in your world. ”

”Eighteen days, huh? ” Chen Li muttered to himself. He wanted to go back to see his mother, but unfortunately, he couldn do it, especially since his eyes were still blind. He then made up his mind. ”Please teach me how to cultivate, Sister Huoli. ”

”Alright. ” Xiao Huoli then took him away in the direction where she used to cultivate.

Arriving there, Chen Li immediately sat cross-legged, and he listened carefully to the method of absorbing Qi that Xiao Huoli was teaching him. He would ask if there was something he didn understand, and she answered all of his questions patiently.

After feeling fully understood, Chen Li began to absorb Qi according to the method Xiao Huoli had taught earlier. After trying for ten minutes, his body slowly began to absorb the Qi. And as time goes by, his absorption rate is getting faster. Gradually, the Qi in his body becomes thicker and denser.

Incredible! His comprehension is amazing! Xiao Huoli inwardly muttered in admiration. It seems that your choice to have him as your sole successor was not wrong, Master. If he can continue like this and if he also becomes a dual cultivator later, he might truly become an extraordinary cultivator in the future.

Not long after, a small wave of wind shot out from Chen Lis body, indicating that he had already become a cultivator. He then let out a sigh of relief. Moreover, he could feel his weak body becoming stronger after he managed to absorb the Qi.

”Congratulations! You are now officially a cultivator, and your cultivation is in the 1st Stage Qi Realm. ” Xiao Huoli said with a satisfied smile that she felt really satisfied with Chen Li.

Although he is currently unable to utilize the advantages of his Divine Profound Veins due to the effects of his Chaos Body, Chen Lis speed is already faster than other cultivators. Because the majority of other cultivators took at least an hour to successfully absorb the Qi, Chen Li was able to do so in just a few minutes.

”Thank you, Sister Huoli. I was able to become a cultivator because of you as well as Master Song. ” Chen Li said it sincerely.

Even though he didn know anything about Song Tianyi, Chen Li already considered him as his master, because he was the one who saved him from death, and he also chose him as his sole successor, and that made him feel truly indebted to him. You four just wait, when I return to the outside world, then all of you will face my wrath.

But then he was rendered speechless by Xiao Huolis explanation. She explained to Chen Li the advantages of his Divine Profound Veins, and she also explained the shortcomings of his Chaos Body.

Chen Li was completely speechless once Xiao Huoli said that he should become a dual cultivator. Of course, he knew about dual cultivators, and that meant he would have many women by his side in the future. Sigh, Ill have to explain this to Xianer later, Im sure Xianer, big sis, and mom must be worried about me right now, but I still can go back now.

Xiao Huoli chuckled, then she said. ”Since you are now a cultivator, then I will carry out the final processing of Masters inheritance for you. You better prepare yourself, as this might be painful, Chen Li. ”

”En, Im ready anytime, Sister Huoli. ” Chen Li replied confidently.

– To Be Continued –

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