”Are you set about this, Nicholas? ” The voice of the golden haired, bearded man in front of him, thundered all over the high ceiling court. Even though he was the only man inside the court in the interim, it didn hold back the King from his booming tirade.

”Yes, Your Highness, ” Was all he could utter as the Head of the land, His Highness Arthur Mcvon, a pure royal blood that runs the whole continent of Clevon, keeps a lengthy silence. The golden haired King was deep in his thoughts.

”How long has it been, Nicholas? ” He queries after a deafening silence.

”It has been six long years, Your Highness, ” He was resolute to keep his eyes on the smooth ceramic tiles. The longer he stared at it, the more he realized how hazardous it is. He wondered how many slipping accidents happened on these tiles due to its excessive smoothness.

A pair of leather shoes appeared in his sight, he would look up to quench his curiosity, but the knowledge that he was alone with the King only meant one thing, its the King himself.

A strong hand patted his shoulder, ”Stand up, Nicholas. I could not talk to you with your eyes down the floor, one would think I had such a horrid face, ” It was apparent that the Highness was jesting. However, he could not do it without the Kings order. It is a huge offense for a commoner to look at his Master eye to eye. No, he is not a commoner anymore but it is a difficult habit to break.

”My apologies, Your Highness, but I would rather stare at the floor, ” He remained his eyes on the shiny tiles. The mosaic pattern looks pleasing to the eyes, it adds to the magnificence of the whole golden room.

”This lad, ” His Highness shakes his head with the stubbornness displayed in front of him. ”Look up, you fool. Thats an order if you
e doubting, ” he said tsk-ing.

”I could never make you do something willingly, ” The King adds in afterthought.

Nicholas couldn help but smirk at the golden Kings words, though he was careful to keep it away from the Kings gaze. He would definitely receive a reprimanding. With how the King treats his subjects, one would think hes dealing with a bunch of kids, himself included.

The King slowly took steps back to the huge cushion throne in the middle of the court. The same as everything else in the room, it was also decorated with gold. One would say King Arthur definitely belongs in this room with his golden hair. Its his den, his lair.

Once the King was seated, he looked at Nicholas again, a prominent frown marring his forehead. His blue eyes were always seeking for answers. It would make anyone uncomfortable and act out of their wits.

”What does Beale have to say about this? ” The King ceased his perusing gaze and sighed in defeat. It would be useless to talk him out of the decision he had made that took five years of his time to think about.

”The Archduke gave me his blessing, Your Highness, ” Nicholas didn want to go through all the necessary steps he had taken to present the idea. Someone would suffer from the plan, but he found out he does not give a damn about it anymore. That person put him through a vast amount of insult and humiliation through the last years. The Archduke understands all of it.

”That old Beale did? He was the most adamant one to keep you, ” The King, amused by the thought, chuckles in delight.

Don misunderstand, the King and the Archduke weren in rivalry at all. They
e the weirdest royals he has seen in his poor existence, but at the same time the kindest. They
e good friends but would laugh at each others misfortune. Its a weird dynamic between royal families, the two were cousins after all.

”Well, His Highness, the Archduke gave me the nod, Your Highness. Now, stamp it, ” Nicholas suggested at the paper the King was holding all this time. It was a legal document that would only need the royal seal to realize the content. The Church would have no say if the King stamps it with the royal seal.

”I should have made you a Duke instead of a Baron. Would you like to be a Duke, Nicholas? ” The King offered, taking the royal seal from somewhere behind his royal seat. The offer went past his head as his focus zeroed on the Kings movements. Once the paper was duly approved by the King, he could do with less pressure from the ton.

”You are generous, Your Highness, but you should not hand titles like a chocolate coated candy, ” Nicholas answered, somewhat vexed with how the Kings movements were slowing down. The King already has the seal in his hands. A little lower and it would touch the document, he is taking forever just to do it.

”Ho, how dare you lecture your King, Nicholas, ” The Kings words pulled his gaze away from the Kings action, and turned to his face.

”What? ” He asked, a little lost.

The King was giving him the narrowed eyes, and that does not bode well. There was also mischief in his eyes and the eve

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