The Maitheen: Turning in Ruins

\"What would you like to be in future?\"

During the reign of the Emperor, Sonvatra Sen. Emperor of Maitheen who was good at politics and financial matters and the only man who can ascend the throne of the strongest empire.

It was time for the meeting in the imperial hall. Ministers, nobles, Imperial members, and everyone would have to show themselves in the imperial hall. After everyone was present, the emperor would have to start the meeting. ”Greetings, Your Majesty ” bowed the nobles towards the Emperor. The golden crown, Silk coated dressing. ”Rise, ” said the Emperor, ”Give me the report of what happened on the border of Maithkavach ”. ” Your Highness ”, said the Elche, ” General has shown once again how courageous he is. he has won the war against Malaypur and he is on the way to Maitheen. ” General is a trustworthy person.No one can doubt his ability ”, said the Emperor. Then a voice came saying the Generals army has arrived. ”Greeting, Your majesty ”, said the General. ” You may rise, it is a very precious moment for and everyone in the empire. So, I want to announce that we are going to hold a banquet tonight for such a great and glorious victory for our Courageous soldiers who risked their own lives in the war ”, said the emperor. ”Thank you for your generosity, Your majesty ”, said the General. ” The meeting is adjourned ”, said the emperor.

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