The Maitheen: Turning in Ruins

Here the opportunity comes

After the end of the meeting, the General came out of the court and a childish voice came. ”Father ”, a boy with red cheeks, fair skin and a bright smile. He was the Generals son and his name was Chakradhar. ” Father, Im here to pick you up ”, said Chakradhar. ”Child, Why did you come here? your mother had warned you thousand times that you are

not allowed to come here ”, said General. He lifted him into his arms and said, ” And this is the time for lessons and you are here ”. ”Father, you have just come from the battlefield and started giving me lectures. Our Acharya Ji was sick. So, the lessons got postponed and I asked grandmas permission first to come here ”, said Chakradhar. ” Well, okay lets go home ”, said the General. ”Will you tell me how you defeated the Enemy? Did you pierce his neck? Or did you torture him? Did you stab his heart? ”, asked Chakradhar. ” No, I just caught him up and gave him to his majesty ”, said the General. ”Father, thats so simple, why didn you kill him? ”, asked Chakradhar. ” Because I can kill anybody on a whim without knowing what they know and what information they have ”, said the General. After reaching home, General sat in his room and got carried away in thoughts. ” If you had known it ” a whispering voice came into his ear. ” Who ” shouted General. ” What happened, father ” after hearing the voice Chakradhar

entered the room. ” Nothing, I think Im hallucinating ”, said the General. ” Im going to play outside with Karun to play ”, said Chakradhar. ”Go and come before the sun is on the horizon ”, said the General. While playing with Karun, Chakradhar asked, ” Karun, What you will be in future ”. ”I will be a Physician just like my father. My father is a specialist in medicine and herbs ”, replied Karun. ” Why? Won you become a soldier ”, asked Chakradhar. ”, Haiz, What do you know about Soldiers. They try hard to become strong and they give and dedicate their lives to the whole Empire. Do you have that guts? ”, replied Karun. ” But Im not going to become a soldier. Im will become a General just like my father ”.

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