The Maitheen: Turning in Ruins

A Weapon to Ascend the Throne

”Chakradhar, I think youve gone nuts, do you even know how hard it is to become a general of a country and this is Maitheen, I think you should choose another profession future Like a physician, minister, and you can become a trader too ”, said Karun. Chakradhar was speechless. He came back home. ” Chakradhar, how was your day ”, asked his mother. ”Amma, Can I be a soldier ”, asked Chakradhar. ” Go ask your Father, dear ” said his mother. Chakradhar went to his fathers room, he was hesitating to ask. He said slowly, ”Father, Is Becoming a general is a bad idea ”. ” Are you asking because you want to be a general or you just to have small talk with me ”, replied General. When I was playing with Karun I asked him what would he like to be in future ”, said Chakradhar. ”Then, what did he say? ” asked General. ”He said he would like to be a physician just like his father and I told him I will become general of this country and he called me nuts ”, said Chakradhar. ” Haha ”, the general laughed very loud. ” Huh? What happened, Father ”, asked Chakradhar. ”Child, do you even realise how big an opportunity youve got? ”, said the General.

” Big opportunity? ”, said dumbfounded Chakradhar. ”Youve got a big opportunity to prove them wrong that you can be the general of this empire ”, said the general. ” Its not what others tell you. Its what you tell others by proving to them by your success ”. ”You are saying that what Karun said was like an opportunity for me ”, surprisingly said Chakradhar. General nodded and told him, ” Whenever you tell people that you are going to do something hard for them, out of their scope they will find any way to stop and discourage you. ” Father, youve lit an opportunity candle in my heart ”, said Chakradhar. ”Not now, hold your horses boy, don get too excited. Thinking about your future is a good thing but you can be one of your flaws ”, said the general. ” First, you should be educated and second, discipline because discipline is the only thing which defines your virtue in life, son ”, said the general. ”Don worry, father, Ill work hard to make proud of me ”, said Chakradhar. At this proud moment of father and son, Shakuntala Devi entered and said, ” Its time supper, darling. Dinner is about to serve ”. ”Maiya, Im going to be the future general of this country of the country and Ill defeat every enemy ”, said Chakradhar with great spirits. ” Yes, you can, honey but what does a general eat in his daily food? ”, asked Shakuntala Devi ” It is food with protein. You have a long way to go but before that come and have your dinner ”.

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