”Emperor has invited our whole family to the banquet ”, said the general. ” Our countrys emperor is very polite and humble.

When you were away on the battlefield, he always comes and visits us once a week ”, said Shakuntala Devi. ” Yes, he even gave me some and told me that I have a good future ”, said Chakradhar. ” We should prepare some gifts for the royal family. After so many years in Maitheen, there is so much happiness and it is an auspicious opportunity ”, said Parvati.

And the next day, ”The carriage has arrived ”, shouted the General. ” lets go, today is going to be fun ”, said Chakradhar. ”Behave yourself there ”, said Shakuntala Devi. ” Welcome, General ”, said the Elche standing at the gate of the Imperial gate. ” Welcome, General ”, said the Emperor. ” Thank you, Elche. Thank you, your majesty ”, said the General. ”You still follow the rules and regulations. Calling your childhood friend your majesty is adequate, isn it? ”, said the Emperor. When the conversation started the Elche left. ” You are my childhood friend plus the Emperor ”, said the General. ” The rule is a rule ”. ” Whatever, if you were the Emperor I would have called you, your majesty ”, said the emperor in a funny way. ”Parma. I know you are my friend. I have a favour to ask. ”, said the Emperor. ” What is it, Your majesty ”, said the General. ” You have seen my son. You know every father is concerned about his child. Can you train him to become a soldier. Before he ascends the throne he should know more about his love for country ”, said the Emperor. ” I will train him, Your Majesty ”, said the general with confidence. ” but don you think its too early for a 7-year-old boy? ”. ” He is the only son of mine who makes me assure that a worthy emperor had born ”, said the Emperor, ” Rest assured, I will train him ”, said the General. Emperor nodded. On a great day celebration, a deal was made in forming of new Emperor.

The judgement made a General tense and he thought that an Emperor of a country is so desperate about the Empire.

After reaching home, General said to Chakradhar, ” Son, Would you like to sleep in my room? ”. Chakradhar nodded. ” Son, Early you said that you want to become a general ”, said the General. Chakradhar nodded. ” I just wanted to tell you that if you want to become a general then you have to be smart, Intelligent and patriotic. You have to become strong and dedicate your life to your country and also be loyal to Your Majesty ”, said the General. After hearing those tips for becoming a general all the amusement and excitement of Chakradhar were gone and only a pale expression was left. ” So boring steps to become a general. I thought I would get to learn how to use a sword, bow and arrow ”, sighed Chakradhar. ”Look, these things are also necessary to become a general but your IQ should be beyond imagination, boy ”, said the General. ”Im going to start your from next Purnima, means after 15 days ”. ” Wait!? Father, why so sudden ”. ” Son, Today Emperor told me that he wants me to train his son to become a soldier and he also said for ascending the throne of a strong Empire; the empire needs a strong man. I have to start his training from tomorrow ”, said the General, ” And you should change your daily diet and routine because a soldier doesn always play and eat ”. Chakradhar was completely shocked after hearing those words from the general. But somewhere deep, he could understand the feelings of his father.

Next following day, Chakradhar woke up and started getting ready for school. After getting the blessings of his mother and grandmother, he asked his mother ”, Amma, where is the father? I didn get his blessings ”. ” I think he is in training ”, said Parvati. ”Ok ”. Well, the statement of Chakradhar wasn syncing with his body. Instead of going to school, he went to the training field to see the training of the crown prince. Running, gasping, panting and eager to see the training Chakradhar missed his school. After reaching the field, he saw a boy with long and wearing a black rob and his father was also there. He tried to shout but then he heard the voice of the general saying while training, ” Well, You have good stamina. I don think I have to work that hard ”. ”Thank you, General. I saw your son at the banquet yesterday. He was so skinny. Is he picky at food? At first, I thought I might be seeing a wooden stick ”. ”Haha ”, other trainers laughed with him who was there. After hearing this, Chakradhars heart was completely broken and the pieces were so tiny to pick. He thought that his father might show off in front of him because he will be the future general of the country. ” You better know your place, boy. He is not only my son but he is my whole life. A voice of general came. ”How dare you, General. You are just a mere servant of my father and you dare to talk back ”, said the crown prince. ” Your Highness, I think the Emperor didn tell you that I can scold you, yell at you and I can even beat you. So, for a few years, you are my pupil and you know that a teacher can do anything to bring his student on the right path ”, said the general. Chakradhar was happy, he shouted, ”I am not skinny and Im not a wooden stick. I will prove to you how strong I am ”. ” Well, we will see when the time comes ”, said the crown prince. ”Child, For now, go to school. Ill meet you at home ”, said the general.

Happy Chakradhar went to school and got scolded by his Acharya Ji and his Acharya Ji also complained at home that how chakradhar was so late at school. His mother was angry at him she said, ”How can you lie? Ive told you a million times that you are not allowed to go on the training field. I thought you were a good boy, Chakra. When your father comes I will ask him whether he called you or you went there by yourself ”.

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