The Maitheen: Turning in Ruins

\"Who is this boy, Father?\"

”Where is Chakradhar? ”, suddenly the voice Of the general came and then Chakras mother started to question, ” How can you be so careless about your child? Your son went to that training field by himself ”. I called him there. I thought he would see and observe how other soldiers were training ”, said the General. ” He is only seven years old. At such small age, how can you give him so much pressure? ”, said Parvati. Chakradhar was standing there quietly and hearing those words of his mother and father. ”Its final, Gopal will drop him to school. He won go to school alone ”, the last statement by Parvati. ” But Parvati, he will feel suffocated by Gopal around him and children need independence ”, said the General. ”I think what Parvati said is right. At such small age don push your child so much ”, said Shakuntala Devi. ” Amma, I can go to school by my school ”, said Chakradhar innocently. ”I won skip lessons ”. ”Please Chakra, Don think that I will let you go this time. Gopal will go with you. Its been decided. Tomorrow is Janmashtami ( A religious festival of Hinduism) I and your grandmother have many things to do, ” said Parvati. ” Just go to sleep after having your dinner. Chakradhar looked into the eyes of the general with some hope but the general was helpless.

On the day of Janmashtami, there was a puja in the house of the general. Where the Emperor and Empress were also invited. ” Oh, What a great day ”, said Shakuntala Devi. ” Chakradhar, go and find Gopal to welcome the guest at the door ”. ” Aww, Maiya ”, sighed Chakradhar. ” Now, Where is this Gopal? Maybe he is in fathers room ”. Chakradhar knocked at his fathers room there was no one. There were some books on the floor and the papers were all messed up. ”Fathers room is so messy, I should put these books in their respective places ”. While cleaning the room Chakradhar saw a pendant in the pages. On that pendant, a man was made. That boy was nearly five years older than him and he was wearing an Emperor crown. That boys aura was very bright. ” Who is this man? Maybe he would be a friend of my father ”, mumbled Chakradhar. ” Why did I come here? Right, Gopal. Where is he? ”. ”Ah! About that pendant, I will take it for now ”.

When everybody was in puja but the general was not. Chakradhar was bored. ” You don like to sit in pujas, do you? ”, a voice of the Emperor whispered. ” Your Majesty!! ”, jolted Chakradhar. ”Don rush, Child, It happens with everyone. When I was your age I was also not used to sitting in puja ”, said the Emperor. ” If you don want to, then you don have to, Just go ”.Chakras face was surprised at first he didn care about the Emperor and he ran away from the puja. He ran, ran and just ran and he stopped. He found his, father at the training field. He shouted, ” Father ”. General looked at him and smiled. ”Chakradhar, you didn attain the puja ”, said the general. ” No, I was bored there ”, said Chakradhar. ” There is no result of your mothers scoldings ”, said the general. ” Of course not, You know father todays emperor talked to me, he said if I don want to attain the puja, I can go ”, said Chakradhar. ” And father I found this pendant in your room. ”

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