The Pendant that Chakradhar found earlier. He showed it to the general. It made the General speechless. ” I tried hard to hide from ”, said the general in a sad voice. But at last, you found it ”. ”Father, Who is this boy in the pendant? His aura is very strong ”, asked Chakradhar eagerly. ” Chakradhar, Where did you find it? ”, asked the general. ”I find It in your room while finding Gopal ”, replied Chakradhar. ” When the time will come, I will tell you. But for now, give me that pendant back ”, said the general. Chakradhar kindly gave the pendant back.

”Chakradhar, When the Purnima will come I will train you to be a soldier. You know that it is quite fun to learn these things ”, said the general. ”Father, Im sorry that mother scold me for skipping lessons ”, said Chakradhar. ” Its not your fault. Sometimes, Your head just can do the things which he doesn like ”, said the general. ” When you will come to this training field to learn. That day would be the best day of my life. For now, lets go home. The sun is going down ”, said the general. Chakradhar came back with the general. He had his dinner and after that, he went to his room and got lost in his thoughts. Thinking that how he could be a good general of Maitheen. He wanted to do something, something good, something proud full and something great. He woke up till late at night. He was so excited about the training he could not wait until Purnima.

Days passed and passed. Finally, that day came on which our little Chakradhar will learn to become a soldier. He woke up very early in the morning and went silently out of his house. He saw his father standing there. ”Son, are you ready? ”, asked the general and Chakradhar nodded. ” lets go, then. We have to start by running. You have to run to the training field. When you get to the training field your training will be started ”. Chakradhar started running and he ran so fast that he got tired so easily. ” Son, First, you should learn how to run ”, said the general. ”Yes, Father ”, panted Chakradhar. ” No, not the father. From now on, You will call me Commander ”, interrupted general. ” Run slowly so that you can save more energy. You can breathe long lastly. The slower, the longer ”. Training made Chakradhar tired and numb. ” I think you are tired now ”, said the general. ” Yes, commander. Im dead tired now. General was helpless. ” How was your day? Chakra ”, asked Parvati. ” Were you playing the whole day? ”. ”Yeah, I and Karun were racing ”, replied Chakradhar. ”Come and have your supper ”, said Parvati. Today Chakradhar escaped from his mothers scoldings. He had to take every step very carefully by not let his mother be known.

”When the night falls ”

”I saw the bluebird flying and chirping around ”

”In that dewed night which has so dulcet sound ”

”Jingle of the leaves sounds like a lullaby ”

”Fascination disease will come over the passer-by ”

”Trees were showering with mist ”

”Grasses were wet in the grounds fist ”

”How is this poem, my boy? ”, asked Shakuntala Devi. ” Maiya, It is so elegant and good to hear ”, said Chakradhar. ” My boy, Ive also sung this poem to your father when he was young and he said the same thing ”, she replied. ” Now, go to sleep. Ill sing you another poem tomorrow ”. When she left the room of Chakradhar. ”Yay! today was so fun though a bit tiring. I will prove to the crown prince that Im not a wooden stick and beat him one day ”, promised Chakradhar to himself. Another day came, Training of Chakradhar started. Gasping and heavy breathing Chakradhar, he was full of sweat. ” Okay, boy. Try to run again from Mandir to bazaar ”, said the general. ” My leg is shaking and I feel like it will break in no time, Commander ”, said gasping Chakradhar. ”Then lets take a break ”. ” What a relief ”. ”You have to work harder. A can be this lazy ”, said the general. ” I know father. I will work hard ”, said Chakradhar. ”Lets start again ”.

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