Dammit, I am going to die.

”DING, hello there ” says a voice in my head.

”what the.., am I going crazy because I am about to die?

”no you are not going crazy master ”

”huh, who are you and what do you want?

”I am your blank system, I am assigned to be your helper.

”helper? System? Wait, did you just say blank system, does that mean you dont have anything to offer?

”it is true that I am blank right now but filling the system with skills is your job master, I am not going to give you any starting skills. I will offer you my guidance at best.

”dammit, then how am I suppose to deal with that think in the kitchen?

”oh, thats easy, just stub it in the neck and it will die, thats a reaper wolf, its speciality is paralyzing souls, its a low level monster, G rank to be exact.

”G rank? Sigh never mind, you can explain later, lets deal with this thing first.

”DING, pain nullification and healing have been learned.

”huh, did I just get skills? Is it because of my injury?

”yes that is correct master.

”I see, so thats how it works, good.

So the system gives skills based on a situation, what if I take a knife and, wait, my dad has a hidden gun upstairs, I will use that.

I retrieved the gun and went back downstairs, I slowly peeked into the kitchen and saw that the monster is sleeping, now is my chance.

”master I do not advice that, although that monster is only G rank, the weapon you a holding now wont even scratch it.

”I figured as much but I am actually aiming for a skill, if am right then I can kill it.

”as you wish master.

The system still sounded concerned but I still have to risk it, I can actually just run away but I am pissed at that monster for eating my arm.

I shot and a loud bang sound was made which made the monster wake up, the bullet connected but no skill popped up.

The monster spots me and runs towards me, I shoot another bullet but still no skill shows up.

”dammit, was I wrong.

I run upstairs and waited for the monster and as predicted it came charging like an idiot, I shoot all my remaining bullets and run into my room, barricaded to door.

”DING, Master shooter has been learned, lowest proficiency.

”yessss, I knew it, so how about this skill, system, will it work on the wolf?

”yes master, that skill will be effective.

”very good lets get out here

Good thing I had spare bullets or I would have been toast. The monster is about to break through the barricade, I will kill it as soon as it shows its head.

The monster breaks through and shows its head to me as if saying kill me, what a dumb creature.

”this is for my arm you **er!!!!

I aimed right for its head, the bullet became faster and stronger because it is reinforced by my skill. The bullet connects and the reaper wolf made its dying howl.

”DING you have leveled up, gained 10 points and a monster core

”wow, I can feel my body growing stronger, nice, too bad about my arm tho. Lets get out of here, Suzy is waiting.

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