”I will give you a hundred dollars in cash if you manage to make the new guy say yes to you. ” Thats the words Martha told her before recess.

Martha promised that if the new guy agreed to date her, a hundred dollars would be hers. And now here she was, behind their school building, counting her steps, following the new guy whose name she didn even know.

All she knew about him was, he transferred to their school nearly two weeks ago and was told about his freaking handsome face. Almost every girl in school couldn help but follow him around.

Seriously, she herself didn know why she accepted the challenge. It was not like she needed that $100 but she felt like her honour as the top beauty of the school would get tarnished if she refused to try.

Well, she was confident that no one could reject her beauty, but it didn cross her mind that she would meet a cunning person.


She bit her lips after accidentally stepping on twigs. ”Damn! ” She quickly looked up front to check in case the guy noticed her presence. But after checking her front, then both her left and right side, he was nowhere to be found.

He had not been far from her before, she was sure to follow him very closely.

”When did I lose him? ” So she hurriedly continued to walk further to catch his whereabouts.

”What is this guy doing behind this…? ” she grumbled to herself. Even though she felt afraid and anxious walking alone, she needed to continue what she started. She suddenly recalled one funny motto she read online, Never do the same mistake twice! Well, unless he is HOT!

The building in front of her was a bit unique in shape, she turned to her left when she heard a voice.

”Now tell me- ”

Blake couldn finish his words when someone pushed him from behind. His position at that time was not helping. The momentum from the push made him move forward causing an accident.

He was talking to Tony in close proximity when somebody shoved him right into his face.

”Hah! ” He just kissed this **ing guy in front of him and the person who caused it should start praying for their life as he would never let it go.

He was so shocked that he shoved the guy away from him in an instant. Blake turned to scowl at the person that caused this whole mess,

”Who the hell are you?! ” The moment his eyes landed on the petite girl behind him, he was stunned. How can someone look like this? His eyes were served with something beautiful at that moment.

”Ah, umm… ” She cursed in her mind. Marissa wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt. She just moved forward and didn realise the drain. So, instead of stepping over the hole, she stepped into making her stumble. As she fell she landed on Blake.

”Im sorry. So…I…I am Marissa. ” She stuttered not because she was afraid of him but because of what she just witnessed earlier.

They kissed! Being an average student that was slow in catching up with the situation, she thought both of the guys had some sort of relationship with each other.

Well, anyone would jump to that conclusion given the suspicious choice of their location.

From that moment she knew she just made a bad decision to hang on to her pride and proceed to follow this guy to his destination.

Blake locked his eyes on Marissa and said, ”And why…are you here Marissa? ”

The question caught her by surprise, ”Hmm… ” she gulped, ”I lost my way. ” Thankfully her brain worked well for those few seconds.

”I will excuse myself first… ” She turned but then her step was halted. Blake held her arm and didn let her go.

”Where do you think you are going? ” Blake moved towards her and made her face him.

She rolled her eyes elsewhere because she didn want to meet Blakes intimidating gaze. ”I promise, I will keep your secret. ” She quickly uttered while leaning her head backwards as Blake started to move closer to her face.

”What secret? ” He asked with his eyes blinked twice, confused.

Marrissa gestured with her finger, ”You both… ”

”We both? ” He glanced a second at Tony and still didn catch the meaning from her words. The bridge of frown appeared between his eyes. ”What about us? ”

She hesitated, ”You know- ” Nervous, her heartbeat was pounding.

”No, I don know… ” He cut her words just to tease her. Her shaky plump lips looked so cute as she continuously gulped. So, he prolonged their conversation and kept on observing her reaction.

So this is Marissa, the girl whose name was always on the boys lips? He thought in his mind. He checked out the colour of her eyes, the shape of her nose, her lips which looked soft. They were correct, she was as beautiful as the rumours said.

”Well..your relationship with him, I won tell anyone. ” She said what was on her mind.

He gasped when he realised the meaning of her words, ”Ah…me and him? ” He pulled Tony that was staying quiet at the back, and hugged his shoulders. He smiled while his brain thought of so many things, ”Thank you. ” He said in gratitude, making Tony turn to him with confused eyes.

”Whats with the thank you moron? ” Tony mouthed the words while looking at him.

Marissa waved her hands quickly, ”No, no, Im sorry for disturbing your time. ”

”Its okay Marissa… ” He smiled again, ”Can we be friends then? ” He held out his hand for a handshake.

She swallowed her saliva and nodded, ”Sure… ” She returned the handshake and quickly excused herself.

”Now, tell me about it. ” He turned to Tony and looked serious instantly.

”Wait, you know what she meant about both of us, right? ” Tony was concerned about that and was afraid there would be a strange rumour spread around the school because of Marissa.

”Nah, I will make sure she doesn spread anything. ” He glanced once again and confirmed that Marissa was already out of their sight.

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